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Sport van het Jaar krijgt opnieuw internationale aandacht

Dankzij de commerci?le inspanningen van SNAG (i-Kan) werd het mogelijk gemaakt dat scholen aan zeer scherpe prijzen materiaal kunnen aankopen ?n dat zowel Sport Vlaanderen als SVS uitleendiensten materiaal ter beschikking hebben.



Belgium?s Golf Boom, SNAG Helping Show The Way in Golf Development




Belgium?s Golf Boom, SNAG Helping Show The Way in Golf Development

The Golf Federation of Flanders were proud to announce in 2013 that golf has been declared ?sport of the year? ? and we at SNAG are doing all we can to help them make the most of it.

The decision taken by the regions minister of Sports, and his department, means golf will be advertised through the whole year and receive extra support from the Flemish government.

To help the process the Golf Federation, together with the Department of Sport, has scheduled a series of activities for people of all different ages, gender and cultures in a bid to spread the word about our wonderful game and grow participation levels. SNAG, of course, has been there to help.

Our equipment helped kicked off the campaign at a presentation on March 1st while golf in schools is being boosted by the use of SNAG kit; a high percent of the 250 teachers who attended six training sessions confirmed they used SNAG in their lessons or sports camps.

In addition, 70 schools and 32 departments of sports have purchased equipment, not to mention that others have the chance to rent SNAG gear for free.

In the months of March, April and May 14 events were staged with SNAG kit, the occasions seeing families, seniors and disabled children getting the chance to try their hand at the wonderful game of golf.

It all kicked off at the start of March with a presentation of the campaign, while there was an open day on April 14 at the 35 participating golf clubs in Flanders.

Overall it is predicted 20,000 children will hit a golf ball for the first time and with Europe Ryder Cup star Nicolas Colsaerts raising the profile of golf in Belgium even further with his performances around the world, the hope is 50,000 will be playing the game in Flanders by 2020.

?In this special year, where golf is elected as Sport of the year in Flanders, SNAG is crucial for the success of all activities within this promotion campaign. But it is also a key factor on long term, because it will help us to achieve our goal to reach 100.000 children every year via the Golf at school-project?, Stated Marc Verneirt, Secretary General VVG (Golf Federation Flanders).

Master trainer Tony Howarth visited in June to train Golf professionals and School teachers in SNAG. This reinforced the concepts and theory behind the SNAG equipment and Tony also Demonstrated how the training tools can be utilised.

?We at SNAG Europe are delighted to be involved in a national program rollout that will see people of all ages have the opportunity to experience golf in a fun and exciting new way,? SNAG Business Development Manager Marie Wild said after paying a visit to Flanders.

'VVG have great vision and understanding on how to achieve this and we're proud to be working alongside them in what is a big year for the sport.